Each wedding is unique to the couples style and theme and vision for their wedding day, we customize costs based on each couples needs. In order to make sure your wedding day is exactly how you envisioned it it would be impossible to box up costs into packages. Therefore costs are based on flower choices and whatever design elements are incorporated into your proposal.

Prior to your consultation it’s really helpful to have a general idea of what your eyes are gravitating towards as far as design elements and florals. It doesn’t have to be exactly planned out, your designer should have recommendations to help the process along but a general idea of the color scheme and overall feel for the evening is super helpful. A suggestion I like to make is to start a www.pinterest.com/ page with details that stand out to you. Search flowers for the season you will be married in or wedding ideas you've liked or seen or just a general search of wedding decor will help jump start your vision. This is really helpful not only for you to find out what you and your fiancé like for wedding decor but for your designer to know exactly what your loving for florals and theme. Make sure to stay true to each other and your style. When you look back years from now you want to still love your design choices as much as the day you chose them.

The process of choosing your floral designs for your wedding should be fun and effortless. When your designer is completely aware of your comfort level cost wise he or she is able to ensure the designs and flower choices are within your price range and will ensure costs don’t exceed that number. By knowing your budget suggestions are practical and there is no confusion or tension around costs. Leaving the design process fun and exciting, as it should be. It’s so important for you and your designer to be as honest and informative as possible with each other from start to finish. This relationship is one that is very important as the flowers are a crucial part of the wedding day.

At Desiree Dean Designs we offer the following,
• Floral and Event Design Services
• Rentals
• Custom made structures
We understand that each wedding is unique to the couple and from the ceremony to the breakdown of your event we are with you the entire day.

We are located in a small little town in Silverton, NJ, right near the bay and not far from popular beach destinations. We serve the areas of New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York within a two hour radius from our shop.