Floral Design Workshop

What started as a simple idea, somehow blossomed into something incredible. I really didn’t even think that it would reach the potential it did. We thought we would just design with some really pretty flowers in Asbury Park, but it was so much more.

Ideas Blossom

For purposes of giving you the full picture, let’s start from the beginning. I am a floral designer who specializes in weddings and events throughout NY, NJ and PA. Being a wedding floral designer, I come in contact with so many individuals who love all things flowers. Each connection always centered around how they want flowers in their life. Each person would love the chance to learn floral design and maybe even work in the floral industry.

Wanting to work in the floral industry is something I can relate to, because it wasn’t long ago that I sang that very familiar tune. I have been in the floral design business for over six years and I own my own design company for over five years now. I know first hand that trying something new is terrifying, liberating and probably the best feeling you will experience in your career. The reason it feels this way is because your stepping outside your comfort zone. Your awakening the creative spirit inside you, it can be quite nerve wracking. The thought of persueing a passion in hopes that maybe one day it could become a career is liberating, but for some the leap of faith can be hard.

I want floral designers to be blossom and have the chance to try floral design and experience life as a designer. The quote “do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”, sums it up perfectly. I want to encourage floral artists to break through the fears and the unknowns and provide a place of comfort and education in floral design. I plan on doing whatever I can to support these up and coming floral artists.

Enter the idea to hold a floral design workshop and give myself and students the ability to connect with flowers. Its not easy to purchase flowers in Asbury Park and surrounding areas, unless you want the typical roses, carnation and daisies. More unusual flowers that florists are drawn to are hard to find. If you are not a business owner you most likely dont have access. It’s the flowers that are rare, that are unique and that stop you in your tracks. I wanted to give the up and coming floral artists the opportunity to connect with these rare blooms. And thats how the Creative Freedom Workshop was born.

Flowers find thier place in

The White Box Studio

The location of the floral design workshop was so important to me, because I wanted alot of natural light, a space that elevated our floral designs and inspired us. I chose the White Box Studio and I am so thankful I did. Every corner of this space allowed such beautiful warm tones to our images. Even iphone photos turned out amazing without the need for Lightroom presets. We were able to set up our tables for the floral design workshop as well as have a backdrop setup for photographs to be taken. Since designing can be intimidating and overwhelming, especially for beginners, we needed a space that beckoned us to create and that’s exactly what this studio invited us to do. 

Connecting with Flowers

The wonderful part about teaching floral design is seeing students fall in love with flowers. I provided a vast array of blooms in different palettes and each floral student chose the flowers that caught their eye. They were each inspired differently by the colors and shapes of the flowers and created entirely unique floral arrangements. I didn’t want them to follow creative direction from me, but more so understand the mechanics behind each placement. This approach to teaching was much more comfortable for the students. I wanted to see their creativity flourish, because I think it speaks volumes for the artists they are.

What I didn’t anticpate from this class was how much we all would take from it on a personal level. Emotionally and creativly it was amazing. Discussing hardships while designing was liberating. Touching on topics that maybe we were a bit vulnurable about in life. The flowers just aloud us to be comfortble, open and to be genuine and real with where we were in life. I never knew that flowers could do that. I know I have my own connection with flowers but the fact that they have the ability to connect people is astounding to me.

Photographing the Floral Designs

This is where everything came alive. We had two amazing models join us for the day to be photographed. They alone brought so much to this day, it was truly beautiful to witness. One of our models had brought her leather jacket, which brought an edgy look. The other model brought a gown she felt comfortable in and she gave us a soft and elegant feel to her look. The personalities of each model really came through in the images and we really appreciated that.

Megan Lawrence photographed the floral design workshop and was a student taking part in the design experience as well. Megan speaks of her time in college and how she had an idea to collage, but in life size form. Since college, Megans still persuing her photography. As you can see by her work shes drawn to something even bigger. Her cutouts in these images give you a small glimpse into her mind. It created a sense that what we were creating here had no boundaries. It was art and it was breathtaking. She used beautifully toned back drops by Savage Universal and added hand-cut, painted shapes to the foreground to create this amazing effect. 

For the remainder of the workshop we took advantage of the natural light and had some fun. We changed wardrobe and played with accesories from Tilly Thomas Lux and Lack of Color. We switched up table settings and had fun with table decor. Some amazing elements were gifted to us by Silk and Willow and Accent Decor and Lace and Belle.

Attending floral design workshops allows you to try new things. Experiement and engage with new floral design elements. Having the mock table setting was great, as we switched out elements and adding in new ones. We really got an opportunity that we may not have gotten out in the field. Connections were made and lifelong friendships were born. We even had a bit of fun and had our models become a couple. Their energy was fantastic and we wanted to capture that moment. It was genuine and sincere. A great way to let our LGBT community know that they have a safe space when working with us.

Lastly, The Flowers

We cant forget about what brought us all together. Flowers are so much more than fragrance and beauty. They change lives. Allow people to put their heart and soul to work. Provide for families. Make special moments in peoples lives enlighted and beautiful. And they bring people together. They create a level of comfort that cant quite be exlained. Flowers really breathe life into every setting, from the garden, to wedding receptions and your front door, they trully make a difference and I love them for that.

If you’ve ever considered working with flowers I emplore you to sign up for a workshop near you or reach out to me personally. Let your journey with flowers begin.



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