Fanfan and Alex

Unique summer wedding in Brooklyn with Fanfan and Alex, the most perfect day. They were married in early June. The back drop, the East River and Lower Manahattan.

Fanfan has an eye for fine art and created a lot of unique elements for her wedding day. Gifted to us, a tote designed by our Bride with some amazing chocolates with her favorite ingredient, Matcha!

The details we chose for the day were delicate and soft. Light pinks and red notes using florals that were tropical and in full bloom for that season. Using anthirium and protea blooms, we gave guests a peek into florals that are in abundance in tropical areas. Capturing the essence of local blooms, lots of peony’s, ranunculus and jasmine vine filled our arrangements. The designs were full of color and the shape was natural and organic. The day captured perfectly by our friend Douglas Polle .

We chose a garden like design for the ceremony. The design feels as though its trailing and growing into the bricks of the hotel. Giving the effect that guests were in a garden.

The reception tables set for family style dining. We chose unique designs that didn’t crowd the tables. Above, the garden like feel of the ceremony growing and trailing into the reception. Smilax reaching and growing, looking for the next place to attach too. Small blush flowers woven within, hung above guests.

Small bud vases scattered around the venue and outdoor seating area. Candlelight helped set the mood as the summer sun set into the evening.

We loved being apart of Fanfan and Alex’s unique summer wedding and adored creating these designs. Treated with such generosity and kindness we could never forget this day and this couple.




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